Ransomware Protection


Malware Software

Malware is harmful software that wreaks havoc on any computer system. To prevent this from happening, anti-malware software can be installed from the start, to stop malware from breaking through into your computer network. We install this to help you eradicate the risk of harm coming to your network.

Anti-Virus Software

Installing anti-virus software is essential to safeguarding your identity and keeping your data private. There is a plethora of different threats to computers expanding beyond Ransomware. Prevention is key in stopping viruses, hackers, keyloggers and all other infectious technology.

AdWare Software

Adware viruses appear in the forms of advertisements. It’s presence is often unknown and it collates data on you by tracking your searches and hits. In some ways, adware works like an illegal cookie system that you can’t shake by just deleting your cache. Anti-adware software can stop these unwarranted advertisements from appearing to prevent the risk of adware becoming present on your computer.

Spam Filtering Software

Phase out unsolicited and unwanted emails with a simple but effective filter. This reduces the risk of spam or scam mail filling up your inbox so that you know what is in front of you is legitimate.

Network Security


Penetration Testing

Penetration testing entails a controlled, simulated cyber attack on a computer system to test the effectiveness of anti-viral software installed. This is a very effective method for testing software in place without risking a real attack.

Security Update Automation

As virus technology is constantly expanding and evolving, the software in place to fight it also has to adapt to match this threat. By performing automatic security updates we ensure that your computer is as well protected as it can be at all times.

Employee Training

We offer services in training your employees with up-to-date skills to aid ransomware and virus prevention. With a knowledgeable team, there is a smaller risk of threats leaking through your system.

Backup Services


Backup Requirements Assessment

Backup software is a step-by-step process. We understand that different businesses and individuals require different information to be backed up and protected.

Therefore, first we assess what information is crucial to you specifically before implementing a tailor-made system, assuring you that you have the best technology in place.

Backup Strategies and Design

After assessing what is the best backup system for you, we develop separate backup and recovery plans that address your data protection requirements.

Backup Implementation

At this stage, we deploy the backup software and perform the initial backup of the entire data eco-system. The backup is performed and stored in the cloud for maximum protection. In addition, our backup system will maintain multiple history restore points for more flexible data recovery options.

Backup Restore Testing

Regular tests are then routinely performed to make sure backup data is easily accessible and fully protected. The frequency of restore testing is custom tailored to your business needs. 

Backup Monitoring

Backup monitoring is a very popular coping strategy for many administrators struggling with new, complex backup systems. Backup monitoring pulls together every important notification from every backup system and brings them together in one system to help administrators filter through what they must flag up and deal with. Our Backup services will perform the monitoring for you. Our systems will notify you of any issues that may arise from the daily backups of all your systems.

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