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Ransomware Recovery Assessment Price


After the initial free assessment of the ransomware infection, we will determine if we can recover your data under our basic recovery prices. Depending on the severity of the infection, we may have to provide you with a custom price quote.

Our ransomware recovery prices include the following services

  • Ransomware Removal

  • Data Recovery and Decryption

  • Device Protection and Cleanup

  • Data Backup Assessment

  • Device Online Backup Configuration (one year subscription included)

Ransomware Basic Recovery Per Computer
$1,249.97 - $1,749.97
Regular Price - $1,249.97
After Hour Price - $1,495.97
Weekend Price - $1,749.97

Online Backup Services

  • Detail Analysis of the Computing Enronment

  • Determine Appropriate Cloud Backup Strategy

  • Enable Backup of All Important Data Files

  • Endable Daily Backup

  • Remote Backup Monitoring

Online Backup Services
$50.00 - $100.00
Systems 1-10 - $100.00 per Device
Systems 11-20 - $80.00 per Device
Systems 20-50 - $50.00 per Device
Systems 50+ - Call For Quote

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